Personality Profiles

Trust me; you don’t want to work in an office full of clones.

For companies to succeed, you need different individuals with different talents to fill different roles.

However, with all this uniqueness comes personality clashes. If left unaddressed, they can get in the way of productivity, lead to disagreements, and negatively affect morale and the bottom line.

Work Better Together

When you understand what makes your employees tick, you’ll make better hiring and placement decisions, more easily determine training needs, reduce turnover, and improve productivity.

Using tools from Profiles International, I help participants embrace their uniqueness and then leverage their strengths and minimize their shortfalls creating a stronger team and a thriving organization.

These tools include:

The PXT is a multi-dimensional assessment that evaluates a person’s behavioral traits, interests, and cognitive abilities (thinking style) and identifies characteristics that can lead to a better fit between a person and a job. The assessment results include interview questions and coaching comments with detailed information for making informed decisions.

The ProfileXT Leadership Approach reveals your executive potential and your approach to confronting challenges. You will learn how your characteristics influence your behaviors and how to use this to your advantage.

The ProfileXT Work Together Better Report helps managers better know themselves and their team members, allowing you to maximize the working relationship between coworkers and as a cohesive unit.

These are just a sampling of the many reports available through the Profiles system. Reach out to me on my contact form to find the tool that’s right for you.

Strengthen your team today.